Cannington Chiropractic is a clinic where many of our clients attend for the treatment of headaches. Located in Cannington, Perth, our clinic, with over 40 years combined experience stands out as a leading clinic for the treatment of spinally related back pain, neck pain, as well as a special interest in tension headaches and cervicogenic headaches—headaches stemming from neck issues.

Our clinic has gained a reputation as the go-to place for those who have tried various treatments without finding relief. If you suffer from headaches and neck tension, which may have a cervicogenic origin (originate from the base of the skull/upper part of the neck) Cannington Chiropractic may hold the key to understanding and alleviating your pain, especially when other treatments have left you with unanswered questions.

Types of Headaches

Understanding the type of headache you’re experiencing is crucial for effective treatment. The 6 main types of headaches are generally considered to be:

  • Tension Headaches: Often caused by muscle tension and stress/poor posture/computers, gaming and phone use.
  • Cervicogenic Headaches: Originating from issues in the neck or spine.
  • Migraine Headaches: Characterized by intense, throbbing pain, often accompanied by nausea or sensitivity to light and sound.
  • Cluster Headaches: Severe headaches that occur in clusters or cycles.
  • Sinus Headaches: Resulting from sinus congestion or infection.
  • Rebound Headaches: Caused by overuse of headache medications.

The Causes of Headaches

The causes of headaches vary depending on the type:

Tension headaches often result from muscle tension due to poor posture, stress, or neck issues.

Cervicogenic headaches are related to neck or spine issues, such as misalignment creating muscle tension in the neck.

Migraines can be triggered by hormonal changes, certain foods, environmental factors, or genetic predisposition.

Cluster headaches have unclear causes but may be related to abnormalities in the hypothalamus.

Sinus headaches are typically linked to sinusitis or allergies causing sinus inflammation.

Rebound headaches can occur from overusing or withdrawing from medications, that can lead to a cycle of dependency.


Effectiveness of Treatment


If you’ve tried other treatments without success, Cannington Chiropractic offers a fresh approach that may be the missing link in your journey to headache relief. Our personalized treatment plans aim to not only alleviate your symptoms but also to educate you on preventive measures to reduce the frequency and severity of future headaches. ‘Treatment’ may include a combination of soft tissue therapies, advice on exercise programs and posture, dry needling and other specific upper cervical treatment protocols, depending upon your own individual needs.

Research has shown the effectiveness of chiropractic and specific ‘upper cervical’ (neck) treatment techniques in treating certain types of headaches. A study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics found that spinal manipulation performed by chiropractors resulted in significant improvement in migraine and tension headache frequency and intensity1. Another study in the European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine showed that specific techniques, including manual therapy and exercises, were effective in reducing cervicogenic headache symptoms2.

Why Should You Consider Choosing Cannington Chiropractic/Headache Clinic Perth for Treatment.

At Cannington Chiropractic, we specialize in diagnosing and treating cervicogenic headaches by addressing the underlying spinal or neck issues contributing to your symptoms. Our experienced chiropractors are highly trained and experienced in utilizing a combination of spinal adjustments, manual therapies, and targeted exercises designed to alleviate pain and restore proper function in the neck, leading to reduced muscle spasms and neck misalignments associated with these typed of headaches. Dr’s Tony and Bruno have over 40 years of combined experience so you can relax, you’re in good hands.


Cannington Chiropractic is more than just a back and neck clinic; we are a headache clinic dedicated to helping you understand and manage your headaches effectively. With our specialized focus on cervicogenic headaches and our proven track record of success, Cannington Chiropractic is definitely worth considering if you’re seeking relief from persistent headaches and neck tension.

Please don’t let unanswered questions about your headaches and neck pain hold you back. Schedule a consultation with Cannington Chiropractic today to find out how we can help you achieve lasting relief and improve your quality of life. You haven’t tried everything if you haven’t tried us.


  1. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics – Effectiveness of spinal manipulation for migraine and tension headaches. ↩
  2. European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine – Therapy for cervicogenic headaches: a systematic review. ↩

Our clinic acknowledges that not all headaches are associated with problems in the neck – we will advise upon physical examination whether we feel your headaches are possibly associated with spinal alignment issues in the neck and if not, we will advise and refer you for further investigation.

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The answer is everyone from all walks of life. The common feature of chiropractic patients is that they wish to be proactive about their health and are sick of hearing
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