Gentle Chiropractic Care at Cannington Chiro

At Cannington Chiro, The Back and Neck Clinic, we take great pride in providing gentle chiropractic care to our patients. We understand that some individuals are uncomfortable with the sensation of their joints being adjusted or manipulated, which often produces the ‘cracking’ sound commonly associated with traditional chiropractic treatments. This sound, known as “cavitation,” occurs when spinal joints are mobilized through specific movements. Despite numerous studies over the years proving these techniques to be safe and effective, we recognize that some patients are not fond of this type of treatment.

For many years, our clinic has offered gentle chiropractic techniques that do not necessarily involve joint cavitation but can still deliver significant benefits. If you have concerns about traditional adjustments, you can rest assured that Cannington Chiro is dedicated to your comfort. Our entire treatment process is designed around you. We tailor our chiropractic care to your specific health issues and preferences, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your well-being.

Our gentle chiropractic methods include a range of approaches such as soft tissue therapy, mobilization, and instrument-assisted techniques. These methods are designed to provide relief and promote healing without the need for intense joint manipulation. Additionally, we offer personalized treatment plans that incorporate exercises, lifestyle advice, and preventive care to help you maintain optimal health.

We believe in a patient-centered approach, where your comfort and satisfaction are paramount. Whether you are dealing with back pain, neck pain, or other musculoskeletal issues, our skilled chiropractors will work with you to create a treatment plan that meets your needs. At Cannington Chiro, we are committed to offering you a gentle, effective, and individualised chiropractic experience. Our goal is to help you achieve the best possible health outcomes in a manner that respects your preferences and ensures your peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions Q: Who Goes To a Chiropractor?

The answer is everyone from all walks of life. The common feature of chiropractic patients is that they wish to be proactive about their health and are sick of hearing
“it’s your age” or “learn to live with it”. The chiropractic patient participates in their return to health by exercising, concentrating on posture and correct spinal ergonomics.
They don’t tend to believe a tablet is going to realign a joint and do all the work.