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Cannington Chiro – The Back and Neck’s proven and effective approach to Chiropractic care.

On your 1st visit to our office, in most cases we will endeavour to give you relief of your symptoms as quickly as possible.

Here at Cannington Chiro, we follow established, recognised protocols to help ensure a positive outcome and these protocols can be broken down as addressing pain, correcting the cause of your condition and thirdly maintaining or managing a chronic condition if need arises.

Pain Relief – Our first aim is to reduce your pain or symptoms as quickly as possible by restoring normal joint movement and function – it usually involves seeing the Chiropractor on a more regular basis so we can stabilize your condition and reverse ‘muscle memory’ and then help repair weakened ligaments and muscles that keep your spine ‘out of line’. Recurrent joint mobilization encourages a return to spinal health and helps the body break bad habits.

Corrective Care – This involves (you may not need this) working on the underlying cause of your pain over time for longer, better results and to address long term bad habits and prevent relapses or similar injuries later. Corrective care usually consists of regular adjustments over time and the length of time needed varied from case to case. At predetermined intervals, full progress examinations take place in order to measure your progress.

Check in for a bit of Maintenance

Once you have improved to the point you’re happy with, consider checking in from time to time for a ‘service’ to stay feeling good and stop the slippery slide back into pain.

Your Body is Amazing

Your body is amazing! You cut yourself and your body heals, or you get a cold and you recover. This ability for the body to repair is known as an ‘innate’, inbuilt ability our body possesses. When you think about it, it really is amazing.

Our office, recognising this innate inbuilt ‘power’ and as such understands that often the body doesn’t usually need any help, it just doesn’t need any interference to its natural ability to repair.

That’s where we come in.

If your symptoms are the result of joint or nerve pain caused by a spine that’s ‘stuck’ and where the joints are wearing out or ‘out of alignment’ there’s a good chance we can help.

Our goal is to ‘release’ the ‘stuck’ vertebral joints – helping restore normal movement. In short, removing the interference to your body’s ability to reprogram and ‘fix’ itself. This can reduce irritation to nerve endings and vascular (blood) supply as well as reduce strain on the muscles and joints that may also be affected. That’s why the Chiropractic approach often works best.

Over time repetitive ‘releasing’ of the ‘out of line’ vertebrae will restore its normal movement and to help your body heal. Amazing!

The above information is intended as a guide and will depend how quickly your body responds to care and the severity of the diagnosed cause of your pain.


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Frequently Asked Questions Q: Who Goes To a Chiropractor?

The answer is everyone from all walks of life. The common feature of chiropractic patients is that they wish to be proactive about their health and are sick of hearing
“it’s your age” or “learn to live with it”. The chiropractic patient participates in their return to health by exercising, concentrating on posture and correct spinal ergonomics.
They don’t tend to believe a tablet is going to realign a joint and do all the work.