April 15, 2021



Successful treatment outcomes require understanding, co-operation, trust, and time. Just as prescription medication for acute conditions requires multiple doses and chronic conditions such as blood pressure and diabetes require management, chiropractic care is no different. It is about understanding, co-operation and cost effectiveness.

At Cannington Chiro there is no pressure. It is up to you as to when and why you come to see us.

A common myth circulates saying that you have to keep going back to the chiropractor forever!

  • YOU DON’T!


There are many ways to utilise the services of your local chiropractor including:

  • Finding out if we are the ‘missing link’ when it comes to discovering what’s causing your pain.
  • Treatment for short term pain relief: attend and receive treatment for relief of the pain you live with.
  • Seek us out for a second opinion or to compare the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment with other treatments. Great Idea!
  • To investigate whether it is possible for your back being out and finding out whether it could be the cause of your pain.
  • You want answers!
  • Your body can’t tolerate the pain-relieving medications that are having other consequences and let’s face it, aren’t working at treating the problem.
  • You’ve seen what’s happened to family members or friends and don’t want to go down that path.
  • You want to try something that may actually work and be more effective and cheaper than alternatives.
  • You’ve come to the point where you realise you only have one body and you want to make sure your spine is aligned and not affecting your health and how you fee
  • You want to stay feeling better and realise a spinal realignment from time to time feels great and reduces joint pain and stiffness.
  • You figured out that chiropractic care is the missing link and it’s just as important to see the Chiro from time to time as it is to see the GP, optometrist or dentist.
  • You’ve realised that with ‘false news’ for some reason its ok to go back to other services however for some reason the only health professional that you should not have to go back to is the Chiropractor. Why is that?