Meet Dr Tony Ivory –  Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)

Dr Tony was born to be a Chiropractor. Tony’s dad was introduced to the Chiropractic profession after he severely injured his lower back lifting at work, resulting in him being bed bound and in severe pain for over two weeks. A friend insisted (dad wasn’t a believer) he see a  Chiropractor and the rest is history. He took the entire family to America to become a Chiropractor before returning to Australia to work in this amazing profession. Tony personally witnessed the power of Chiropractic and it drove him to follow in his footsteps and in doing so has empowered many to live a better more pain free life through Chiropractic treatment.

Dr Tony graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic following extensive study in Melbourne followed by attending the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa, USA.  He is an experienced, highly skilled practitioner who utilizes an extensive range of traditional and newer style manipulative and soft tissue techniques for the treatment of spinally related symptoms, particularly relating to the back and neck.  Dr Ivory uses a wide range of trusted effective and  proven gentle techniques  that can use that he feels best suits your condition including Activator, Diversified, Flexion distraction, Gonstead, Palmer Package, Soft Tissue, Thompson, Toggle and upper cervical specific techniques (HIO).

Tony has seen it all and has become known as the ‘go to guy’ when you don’t know where to go or have found treatment elsewhere unsuccessful. He prides himself particularly with the rapport he has developed with the younger generation as he is seen as an experienced Chiropractor who is genuinely interested in the welfare of his patients, while offering a wealth of knowledge and practical advice, enabling them to balance self reliance with treatment.  

As a  full time Chiropractor in Cannington for over 35 years he has become a respected member of the community – taking care of athletes, gym enthusiasts, office ‘warriors’, tradies, fifo workers,  farmers, truckies and the local mums and dads. 

With over 25 years of clinical experience Dr Ivory is proficient in the treatment of spinal conditions from the lower back to the neck including mid back pain, sciatic leg pain, hip pain, Bursitis, shoulder pain, headaches,  ‘computer neck’ and neck related arm pain.   Through personal experience he has a particular interest in the treatment of  disc problems primarily involving the lower back and leg, neck and arm.  Tony listens to your concerns and takes the time to understand your issues to solve them where in many cases others have not.

Tony shares his life away from the clinic with his wife and four children and his interests include reading medical reviews and furthering his knowledge in a professional capacity. You can also find him either in the garden, being a handyman at home, down at the dog beach at North Fremantle, or watching his daughter practice her Latin and ballroom dancing.

With the clinic following modern procedures and practices, Cannington Chiro has the real clinical experience you need. You won’t look back.

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Meet Dr Bruno Lai –  Chiropractor (B. Chiro. Sc.)(BClinChiro)

Dr. Bruno graduated from Murdoch University with a double degree in Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and Clinical Chiropractic. Originally from Macau, he is multilingual and fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, which helps him effectively communicate and understand his patients’ needs and concerns.

While Bruno was studying at Murdoch in his 2nd year, he suffered an ACL (ligament) tear to his knee while playing soccer. Since then, he started experiencing more neck and back pain due to a relatively stationary lifestyle, spending hours at school using computers and studying. This experience drove him to seek chiropractic care for his spinal pain and knee recovery. He eventually found long-term pain relief and management strategies (rehabilitation exercise) from chiropractic services. He experienced the effectiveness of chiropractic care for back, neck problems, and other injuries (extremities), including knees, shoulders, and hips. From that point onward, Bruno committed himself to using his knowledge and skills to assist individuals who suffered from injuries and persistent discomfort. He aims to positively impact his patients, helping them get better and achieve their goals, such as being able to sleep through the night without pain or working comfortably all day – without enduring back pain and headaches over a specific period.

Naturally, due to his experiences, he has a particular interest in sports injuries (including gym injuries) and neck and back pain resulting from incorrect posture and excessive stresses and strains at work.

Proficient in spinal adjustments (re-alignments), extremity mobilizations, exercise and stretch programs, dry needling, soft tissue therapy, strapping and with his clinical experiences, Bruno looks forward to helping you get better.

Beyond his professional life, he has a passion for various sports, including soccer and skateboarding, and is a gym enthusiast. He also has a fondness for fashion and clothes. You may occasionally find him setting up a store in a Sunday second-hand fashion market – a great way to relax.

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Dr Bruno Lai at Cannington Chiropractic offers Chiropractic treatment in conjunction with Dry Needling.

Dr Lai is proficient in the art of dry needling being a therapeutic technique that involves the insertion of fine needles into myofascial trigger points (painful knots in muscles) to relieve pain and improve musculoskeletal function. Chiropractic care is a healthcare approach that primarily focuses on diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal conditions, especially those related to the spine. While Dry Needling and Chiropractic care are distinct modalities, they can complement each other in certain situations. Book with Dr Bruni Lai now and discover how he can help you feel better today.

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Frequently Asked Questions Q: Who Goes To a Chiropractor?

The answer is everyone from all walks of life. The common feature of chiropractic patients is that they wish to be proactive about their health and are sick of hearing
“it’s your age” or “learn to live with it”. The chiropractic patient participates in their return to health by exercising, concentrating on posture and correct spinal ergonomics.
They don’t tend to believe a tablet is going to realign a joint and do all the work.