Preventing Back Pain
October 21, 2018

Have you ever given thought to how important it is to spend time now, taking care of your body and how much of an investment it is in your future?

We go to the gym, take supplements or medications to stay well, take ‘special’ days off work for our mental health yet we seem to forget some of the basics.

When we feel good (or think we feel good and how we feel is ‘normal’) we often take our health as ‘a given’ and presume we have the answers to eternal life!  But do we?  If the structure (body) that holds us together isn’t functioning properly or the joints aren’t ‘tracking’ as they should, they simply won’t go the distance.

Only you know what’s important to you and how you really feel – life’s probably a lot more of a challenge to you than most people see and its easy to take our ‘health’ for granted – but you just need to look at those around you, maybe your boss, auntie or uncle to see what can happen and how easily good health can be stolen from you.

That’s where chiropractors come in.  Yes, it’s natural, affordable health care.  Partners in your health, helping you have the life you want to live.  As Dr Tony Ivory your Cannington Chiropractor says, “often the local chiropractor can be the ‘missing link’ helping join the dots in a rounded, complete approach to your health care.”

Maybe it’s not your thing (or don’t think it is) and you prefer antiquated medical models of ‘just pop another pill’ and “someone else can be responsible for my health” for this group, unfortunately we probably can’t help – only you know how your health is affecting the life you lead.

However, consider this – chances are that if you are happy with you feel and your current health care approach you probably wouldn’t be reading this and let’s face it – if your problems were going to go away they would have by now!

Maybe its time to investigate alternatives.  Maybe you’re looking for a new chiropractor or looking for another opinion.  Maybe you simply want to see what a chiropractor can do for you?  If you are, your local chiropractor in Cannington, Dr Tony Ivory may be able to help as he has literally helped hundreds of our local community live a better, more active and less painful life.

When you are in a world of pain it not only affects you, it affects the people you care about as well as stopping you from the life you want to live.  Imagine better family time, more energy, more focus, more fun.

Spending a bit of time now, while you can still be helped is probably the best investment you may make for a long time.

Dr Ivory, your Cannington Chiropractor looks forward to helping.